• Modular construction
  • Input isolation transformer
  • 2-Pulse (1-Phase) / 6-Pulse (3-Phase) thyristor rectifier bridge
  • Fully digital microcontroller based control
  • Soft start
  • Automatic boost mode selection according to boost / float current set value
  • Adjustable DC voltage & current settings
  • Smoothing chokes & capacitor bank to reduce ripple
  • Isolated current input to controller from hall effect current module
  • Electronic battery current limit
  • Battery reverse polarity protection
  • Parallel redundant operation
  • In-built DC distribution board
  • Good dynamic response
  • Options

  • 12-Pulse thyristor rectifier bridge
  • Additional reduction of output ripple below 2% RMS
  • AC surge protection
  • Fuse failure protection
  • Annunciator based annunciation systems
  • Silicon dropper diodes for load output regulation
  • Deep discharge battery isolation contactor
  • Digital meters
  • RS-485 Modbus interface
  • Remote control software
  • DC Earth fault and additional alarms, meters and potential-free contacts
  • Special colour and higher protection degree
  • Temperature compensation for battery
  • Top cable entry
  • Applications

  • Power plants
  • Sub stations
  • Industries
  • Railways
  • Offshore projects
  • Petro-chemical
  • Oil and gas pipeline systems
  • Technical Specification

    Nominal Voltage VDC 12 - 24 - 30 - 36 - 48 - 110 - 220
    Input AC voltage VAC 230 +/- 10%; 2-wire, 380/400/415 +/- 10%; 3/4-wire
    Input frequency Hz 50 +/- 5%
    DC output current A up to 100A
    DC voltage accuracy % +/- 1% under all operating conditions
    Output ripple % <2% RMS without battery connected (lower available on request)
    Efficiency % 70 - 90% typical at full load
    Operating conditions deg C -10 to 40 Deg C (up to 50 Deg C on request)
    RH <=95% humidity (non-condensing)
    m <= 1000 m above sea level
    Ventilation Natural convection
    Cabinet ingress protection IP20 (upto IP43 on request)
    Colour RAL 7032/7035 (other colours available on request)
    Standard instruments Output: DC voltmeter, DC ammeter
    Battery: Centre zero ammeter
    Input: AC Voltmeter, AC Ammeter (optional)
    Standard protections Thyristor protection fuse, DC over voltage cut-off, Electronic current limitation, battery under voltage, AC unhealthy, phase sequence, phase failure, AC & DC circuit breakers, charger over load/load limiter
    Alarms & status indication AC failure, DC over voltage, DC over current, Battery under voltage, float mode, boost mode, AC on, DC on, charger failure, AC unhealthy
    Charging characteristics Constant current / Constant voltage & current limit
    Charger topologies Trickle / Float cum Boost / Float & Boost / Float & Float cum Boost / Dual Float cum Boost
    Quality environment ISO 9001:2015


  • The protection of electrical load against power failure is often carried out by battery backed up DC power supplies, providing electrical energy to important loads during mains supply, as well as during mains failure.
  • Battery backed up DC power supplies have, over several decades proved extremely reliable and very economical power supplies. The reliability of a battery backed up DC power supply is defined by the quality of the battery used, as well as the reliable control & operation of the rectifier.
  • Our range of battery chargers uses latest digital microcontroller based technology for precise control and also offers full range of options for meeting most stringent requirements.