• Our CSS Design Tested and verified as per IEC 62271-202 Standards.
  • Metal enclosed and compartmentalized construction.
  • Design of CSS Having MV, LV & CSS compartment which are accessible individually using their respective door.
  • Range includes application of power generation, distribution and final consumption areas.
  • Design suitable for Oil cooled /dry Transformers.
  • Freedom of choice in the selection of electrical equipment with regard to switchgear make and type of breakers.
  • Having Strong Lifting arrangement.
  • Design of CSS is Non-extendable.
  • Technical Specification

    CSS standard IEC 62271-202
    Type of installation Outdoor
    Ambient Tempearture 40 to 50Deg C.
    MV Compartment
    Enclosure standard IS:3427
    Nominal Voltage 11KV 33KV
    Rated voltage @ Frequency (50HZ) 12KV 36KV
    Rated power frequency withstand voltage (VRMS) 28KV 70KV
    Rated impulse withstand voltage(VPEAK) 75KV 170KV
    Degree of Protection IP:5X/4X
    Transformer Compartment
    Transformer Ranges Upto 1250KVA
    Degree of Protection IP:23
    LV Compartment
    Enclosure standard IS:8623/IEC61439 Part-1 (2009)
    Nominal Voltage 415V
    Degree of Protection IP:5X/4X