33KV & 11KV Porcelain Clad Vaccum Circuit Breakers

33KV & 11KV Porcelain Clad Vaccum Circuit Breakers

We supply ABB make ‘Outdoor type live tank Vacuum Circuit Breakers’ of 11KV & 33KV configurations. These breakers are supplied with a lattice structure made of Galvanised iron and the breakers are mounted on this arrangement. The PC VCB is of open terminal type construction with vacuum interrupters housed in weather proof porcelain insulators. The manual/motor spring charge mechanism and closing/tripping coils are housed inside the sheet metal enclosure that confirms to IP55 protection.


  • Designed and type tested as per IEC 62271-100
  • Porcelain clad construction suitable for outdoor substation ensures protection from fire and hazardous conditions.
  • Long electrical life with proven vacuum interrupters
  • Suitable for auto re-closure duty cycle of O-0.3 sec-CO-3 min-CO & CO-15 sec-CO
  • Simple and reliable spring charge mechanism that ensures longer mechanical life.


  • Distribution Networks
  • Capacitor switching
  • Frequent switching duties
  • Arc furnace duty
  • Rapid Auto-reclosing etc.